Another Day, Another Dungeon 1

Meeting 2
PCs vs. Cosby

After a long nights rest, our heroes awaken to an irritated Halfing ranting about their failure to produce the corpse of Greybeard. The group’s leader was demoted, the genasi and the dragonborne where fired, and Seeker (the Warforged Rogue) was mysteriously uncontious and proped in a corner. The group was introduced to their new leader, Mashro: a Minotaur Paladin who Charles had rescued from certain doom at the hands of nervous town guards. The group also picked up a much-needed healer, Jaelin Bal’dun, a Elven cleric.

Mashro led the group back to the fallen keep, and bravely charged into the Chapel’s crypt…and right into a translucent cube of living slime. A trap door in the ceiling opened behind the group, spilling a horde of rats behind them, trapping them in the hallway. The rats where laid to waste, and eventually even the mighty slim (whom Kenta named “Cosby”) was pulverized.

The party rested, then charged onward into the next chamber, which had been converted to an arean for Kobold’s favorite game, Skull Skull. Kenta and Pym let loose a rain of death and misery from afar, and it seemed the lizards where on the ropes. Then, the Barbarian saw a door, and did what he does everytime he sees a door: he kicked it down. 3 Guard Drakes spilled forth, laying low the Barbarian, Pym, and Mashro. Jaelin was hit by the Skull Skull stone, knocking him into the 10 foot deep pit filled with Kobold shit. Kenta did his best to keep the evil denzies at bay, but with Jaelin unable to exit the pit, all seemed lost. Then, in a moment of excremental intervention, Jaelin’s jumping caused a trapped methane bubble to burst underneath him, launching him skyward and depositing him next to Pym, whom he was able to resurrect. The Barbarian was soon revived as well, and the remaining drakes and kobolds where defeated. Tragicly, Mashro did not survive his first day on the job. After a heated debate over the ethicasy of devouring their dead comrade (and some questioning of the local market value of 300 pounds of beef), it was decided to preserve Mashro’s mangled body and take him back to town, where hopefully the healing masters of House Jorasco’s hospital could revive him…

Current XP: 576

Charley's Angels
A blog for your campaign

Our adventurers were stopped on their way to meet their new employer by a sabotaged bridge. After 30 minutes or so the heroic band managed to cross the gently flowing 4 foot deep stream, and sent their two stealthiest, a rogue and a ranger, to investigate smoke rising over a nearby hill. The rogue, wrapped in the darkness of night, silently surveyed a small camp full of sleeping kobolds. Before he could report back to his cohorts, however, the elf tripped and smashed his face into the stone wall the Warforged was hiding behind, cursing loudly in elvish and waking the encampent. A battle ensued, and the kobolds were soundly defeated. A single kobold slinger surrendered, and a fight ensued between the wizard and the rogue as to weather or not to execute the captive. A minor skuffle ensued, and the kobold took his own life rather than be burned alive, but not before he marked on their map were his tribe took shelter.

The band reached the city walls, and after a few Warforged-related tense moments, they were escorted to the home of their new employer. Charles, a mysterious and vulgar elderly halfling missing his left leg. Despite his infirmaties, he seems to be endowed with psionic power. After a good nights rest he informed them of their task: a dwarf woman had hired them to retrieve the body of her husband, whom she was told was ambushed and killed by kobolds along the trade road, not far from were the kobold captive indicated on the map.

The party followed the map, and found a destroyed castle. They decended into the crypt below the chaple (in a most un-stealthy way) and engaged the kobold sentry party. Despite their numbers and a few stealthy surprises, the party emerged almost unscathed. Having put in a solid 3 hours of work that morning, they decided to return to town and rest.

Current XP: 270


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